About Us

Max & Cocoa is dedicated to bringing to dog/cat parents & lovers of our beautiful four-legged friends' high quality, fun, modern, stylish products. Born from the passion I have for my own pets who are represented in our logo, Max my chow mix and Cocoa, a long-haired Dachshund. Both Max & Cocoa have now sadly passed away, but they will continue to live on through our store. As a pet mum I really wanted accessories that reflected my style & their personalities, so I set about to find those products and Max & Cocoa was born.

At Max & Cocoa there’s an array of carefully selected accessories, which are functional, of high quality and look good not only on your pet but also in your home. Max & Cocoa is not just catering to your pets, it’s also catering to your love of pets. Our lifestyle range offers many products ranging from wall art, clothing, phone accessories and cozy throws.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us!



 About Us