Benefit of having a Dog| Why Dogs are Good for You-your Child

Dogs are good for us

Most of us who have had a dog in our life understand the indisputable fact that having a dog brings so much to one's life. Their unconditional love and loyalty are attributes many of us aspire to and wish we could find in people! 

For many, their dog is an integral member of their family or even treated like a child. I know for me my pets have been my kids and the bond I have with them is extraordinarily strong. 

Having a dog brings many benefits giving you a happy & healthy life:

  • Reducing stress & anxiety - the touch, feel and attention of a dog can help to reduce stress and anxiety. How can you be stressed when you're greeted with the slobbery kisses of a dog? Their intuition to comfort you when you're upset and stay by your side 

"I have found that when you are deeply troubled, there are things you get from the silent devoted companionship of a dog that you can get from no other source" 

       - Doris Day

  • Companionship - with a dog you'll have a companion for life (well at least for as long as they live -which in my opinion is not long enough) thus helping to reduce feelings of loneliness. Most dogs like to be a part of whatever you're doing  
  • Increased exercise - dogs need exercise on a regular basis, in general, a daily walk. Owning a dog means making sure they are getting the exercise they need even if you do feel like being a couch potato
  • Responsibility - for both kids and adults a dog requires responsibility for their care and well being. From a young age, kids can be taught the importance of the responsibility of owning a dog. They can take responsibility with feeding the dog, taking them for a walk, or cleaning up after them 
  •  Compassion and empathy - there will be times your dog may be unwell or perhaps you've adopted a dog who came from unfortunate circumstances. Caring for your dog brings out compassion and empathy, qualities all people should have 
  • Socialising - having a dog gives you an opportunity to socialize whether at the dog park or even around town. Who doesn't like to come and pet a dog when you're out? 
  • Studies by the CDC have also shown that having a pet can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol & triglycerides

"If you don't have a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you. But there may be something wrong with your life."

- Vincent Van Gogh

So love your dog, cherish the time you have with them and truly understand the joy they bring to your life.


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